Mason Bokeh Ultegra Hydro Inspection Dom Mason began his bike new in 2015. His first two versions were the steel along with the aluminum Definition Resolution street bikes. These versions had a bit of multiterrain, together with the ride required to tackle road in addition to distance roadgoing experiences off as well as all the clearance for tyres. In designing features Mason was. However, Mason found that passengers were using his bicycles’ flexibility for bikepacking expeditions. And the 2015 Transcontinental was won by Josh Ibbett Race onto a Definition. So Mason version was that the Bokeh. It is intended also to carry of the luggage, to tackle terrain and to take tyres. Before putting on it to ride around the globe in 2017, the Italy Split race was won by Ibbett onto his Mason Bokeh.

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An Mason tubeset is used by the Mason Bokeh’s Italianmade metal frame using its tubes. So that they don’t require postweld triple butted together with the tube combines smooth rhythmic. There is a BSA bottom bracket shell for ease of upkeep.

The metal tubeset of the Bokeh Is Totally custom

The Parallax fork is also an Mason design together with the brake hose routed through the fork crown. Both the fork and the frame have an entire pair of rack shield and bottle managers, such as a jar bracket a helpful attribute for the rider, beneath the tube.

And there is plenty of clearance: sufficient to tyres or 41mm tyres about the wheels which are currently becoming a characteristic of multiterrain machines. There is space for mudguards too.

Back mech cable runs down the chair remain and Is Completely enclosed

The Mason Bokeh can be obtained with wheels at a SRAM Force 1 .

To get a bicycle that was unique, an Italianbuilt titanium has been introduced by Mason Bokeh frameset. In quantities, it’s 3Dprinted dropouts a matt finish and trademarks in mirror.


Shimano Ultegra is used by the Ultegra. You will find flatmount Shimano RS805 disc brakes with Icetech rotors that are 140mm and front. The chainset is 50/34 Though the SRAM 1x assembles go lower to get a 1:1 ratio that is cheapest and combined with an Ultegra 1132 cassette provides tons of range.

Cables enclosed, together with the cable carrying a route and are routed. Found on bicycles , this helps prevent contamination, mud and damage.

Mason has worked to create the Four Season 700c Gravel Disc metal wheelset. Shed weight is just over 1,600gram and the wheels include an asymmetric rim profile along with a broad 20mm inner diameter to get a broader, more secure tyre profile. They’re pretaped and the hubs are sealed and tubeless prepared.

Wheelset and Mason’s fork are designed for the Bokeh

Tyres are 35mm Panaracer GravelKing SK. Though they’re likely to clog in muddier conditions their little square hooks run on sterile and tarmac offroad. Such as the Hunt wheels they ready, though Mason provides tubes to them.

Mason supplies the choice that is zerocost to MasonxHunt wheels with 2in Panaracer Comet HardPack tyres rather than the wheelset and the Bokeh is offered in orange in addition to gray.

Stalk and tavern are Deda metal, despite the fact that there’s a Mason carbon seatpost fitted using Fabric Hex pub tape and a custom made Fabric Scoop Shallow saddle.

Mason Bokeh: ride

Dom Mason has sweated the details together with the Bokeh, Leading to a machine too.

Heading out on street, geometry using the gear range and 35mm tyres’ mixture mean that you could keep your speed and handle downs and ups, covering a space that is fantastic in comfort. Just check up on best mini pump for mountain bike if you need more details on bike pump to inflate pool.

Together with UK backroads’ state, it is wonderful to get some air to smooth the lumps out. This suggests that you don’t have to fret too much resulting in a ride around the flat and downhill. Just check up on finest mini pump for mountain bicycle if you want additional information on bicycle pump to purify pool.

There is Lots of clearance in the fork crown

Riding on paths that are dry, the GravelKing tyres work offroad. They handle byways as you’d expect in their title. Nevertheless, the knobs do clogs in sand, resulting in a lack of grip. If you are intending to ride offroad throughout the winter you will most likely need a tyre with a tread that is more aggressive.

The Mason Parallax fork is chunky. It is fine with all the 35mm tyres on road and on trails, but on bridleways that are bumpy and especially when riding descents, there is vibration could get exhausting.

It is well worth considering what before settling on the spec you 19, you would like to do. If you are intending to ride on street and demanding trails the options are a fantastic bet.

But if you would like to try out adventurous and bikepacking rides offroad you will be better off using a version that is 650b. Even though SRAM 1 X provides you half as many gear ratios as a Shimano alternative, these cover a broad selection. It is also likely to chainslap and there possibility of string reduction on ground.

We rode this Mason Bokeh’s 1 version. You sacrifice a little speed on the road, the wheels have inertia and you are able to spin out on descents on tarmac. But there is rollover and phenomenal grasp of reduced gearing for loose climbs and barriers on loose technical or muddy terrain . There is also vibration in the pubs.


It is unfair to compare this even though you’d find a lower or spec cost from a mainstream manufacturer. You are getting a Italianmade customized frameset in the producer. And Mason has thought about what is required for a machine that was flexible.

Dom Mason has sweated the details

The frame and fork are customized to the Mason Bokeh and the wheels are designed with Hunt to Mason’s requirements. There is a massive quantity of flexibility.

And Dom Mason is pleased swap out parts, make ideas, to Talk about your needs and offer test rides To assist you choose exactly what you would like.

The Bokeh is adapted to more daring rides in UK conditions. It is comfortable for street trips and fast, but there is the chance take into a course for the afternoon, or only to mix this up with off road segments also. It is a bicycle which it is simple to install for wet or bikepacking weather riding. However, to take benefit of the flexibility of this Bokeh, you may want to budget for a pair of Hunt wheels along with this wheelset that is superb. Swapping to 650b opens specialized off bikepacking alternatives and road paths.

Dedacciai Customized aluminium

Mason Parallax allcarbon




Shimano Ultegra Hydro

50/34, 1132

Hunt Four Season Gravel Disc

Panaracer GravelKing 35mm

Shimano RS805 160mm R rotors that are F/140mm, discs

Deda RHM02 metal

Deda Zero two

Mason Penta carbon 27.2mm

Fabric Scoop Shallow

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